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  • It's ok. Just figured it out. How does that happen? I spent an age trying to figure it out then decided to ask for help. At the point of submitting this request I realised my mistake. Is this an unspoken law, an unrecognised phenomenon?


    October 2
  • Can anybody tell me how to attach an avatar? I'd be very grateful for any pointers.


    October 2
  • An old man with a beautiful wife. When we're not travelling, we divide our time between three homes — in Ottawa, Canada, on a remote island in a remote Ontario lake, and in Pasadena, California. It depends whose children and grandchildren we want to see, or none. Poetry is my essential mode of self-knowledge. I have published five volumes, as E. Russell Smith. (website)

    September 29
  • jjwilliamson joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    September 26
    • jjwilliamson
      Hello to all.

      I'm so pleased to be here, mainly because of the excellent poems I have read recently. It's also great to see a few familiar names.


  • mojave joined.
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    August 29
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    August 11
  • Laurie
    Are you still unable to get in there?


    August 6
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    July 27
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    July 2
  • Hey Beau.

    I started with IBM in 1962 & whored my way through Memorex & many others. Nearly the whole gamut of start-up co's thru Priam, Cogito etc... all the way thru 1997 when I moved South.

    One of my daughter's live on the top of Summit Road. I ought to call you sometime when I visit from Southern Ca.
    June 8
  • RCJames
    Rus - How ya doin?  - Could you highlight the txt on my Gospel Animare?  It's difficult to read black on grey  - Thanks Richard
    June 6
  • Welcome Aboard!
    June 6
  • RCJames
    Hi Rus - Can you tell me how to get in touch with Laurie? I have some information I need to get to her and I'm blocked, technically, from getting into Desert Moon.  Thanks - Richard
    May 26
  • russkigypsy
    Good to see you here! I just went round your poetries & much appreciated the animations. That feature adds just enough dynamicism to keep one's interest afloat. Of course you deliver your stuff in a very pro manner. To me you sound like a real American when America was the America of Hopalong Cassidy & the times of Zorro. Kudos aside we may have been neighbors for half a century... I spent some 40 years in Sillycon Valley.
    March 30
    • Beau_Blue
      Hey Russki, Thanks for the time you spent investigating. I really appreciate it. Please come back. There's more than 100 animations of contemporary poets. I started making poetry toons in 2002 and I've been at it ever since. I was a little kid who watched Hopalong Cassidy on Saturday mornings. Rin Tin Tin, too. And, of course, The Lone Ranger. I studied elocution and presentation with Edith Skinner when I was doing Theater Arts training at the Pittsburgh Playhouse. The day I moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains I knew I'd never leave. Why aren't YOU still here? At any rate thanks again for the nod. I appreciate it. -blue
  • russkigypsy
    Hi Rus,

    I hope all is well down your way. Here the struggle for teeth is fiercely fought.

    In re IBPC nominations have you tried voting for a poem EXCEPT your own?

    Have a great day...
    March 30
  • I am a reclusive cartoonist who lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I've spent a lot of time doing other things, tho'.
    Mostly designing and building technology. My last "job" was Director of Web Development for the Stanford Business School. But even THAT was a long time ago now. Here's a link to more info about me.
    March 29
  • Beau_Blue joined.
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    March 29
  • RCJames
  • RCJames
    I couldn't connect with you at Desert, glad I can here. I can't get into Desert - They refuse either my name or the password and they're the ones I used when I registered. any ideas? - R
    March 3
  • RCJames
    Russki - Thanks for the thought but "Vestiges" won first at the IBPC in July. But, if you want to give a listen to "A Little Bit Like the P:T: Barnum Blues" and see what you think - that would be cool.  Na Zdorovie - RC
    February 27
  • RCJames
    Rus - Is it way too late to send in a revision, probably yes, but if by any chance no, I'd like to do it, some pretty radical changes. Regards, R
    February 6
  • RCJames
    Rus - I didn't realize til now I could edit poll-attached poems with Administrative capability. could you give me that option and I will do a final edit on Aja. Thank you, R
    February 4
  • RCJames
    Russ - Sorry revision is starting to get to be a disease with me, but one more small change - last line:
    "whose matriarch carried hurricane force." That's it, promise, regards, R

    February 1
  • RCJames
    Rus, sorry I left out "force" in the closing line, it should read "hurricane force."
    February 1
  • RCJames
    Rus - Thanks for nomming Aja Monet. I have a final version here:

    “My mother was a freedom fighter”
    (Aja Monet at the Women’s March)

    She read like a blues veteran.
    Dressed in a midnight suit,
    arms extended, palms out.

    She gave us her mother, standing in the ruins,
    holding a “bouquet of bloody music in her hand,”
    after she had carved a spear out of her lover’s bones.

    A white woman in the audience, hands extended upwards,
    moved her fingers, called the sky to hold these words.

    Aja's slashing, sinewy phrases testified to the stamina
    of the first activists; her mother fought with the strength
    that came from shotgun houses next to the picking fields,
    grace earned through knowledge and the mission at hand.

    Her poem was a freight train of rapid fire explosive words,
    testimony unheard with this force to such a vast audience before;
    a woman speaking about what has been ignored and distorted,
    about the every day battles fought by her family,
    whose matriarch possessed a hurricane
    February 1
  • saore joined.
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    December 2016
  • loisseau
    Hi Rus-
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I noticed that ability to use
    the polling device is missing from the voting thread. Is it me,
    or is it down?
    Best regards,
    December 2016
  • Tashsolo joined.
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    December 2016
  • jflore and jame joined.
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    November 2016
  • RCJames
    Rus - I have a final version of "Ashes" but haven't been able to send it, well OK here iot is, but one line needs to be fixed and I haven't been able to do it, The "moans and screams" line should be a third line in the stanza above it. Thanks, R

    Ashes of Our time

    (for Anna Akhmatova)

    You’ll see my body, ages past,
    drawn to itself in strident winds,
    at the center of the raging
    conflagration we called ours.

    When I start down the avenue
    lined with our history's truth,
    I trust that you will guard with 
    care the ashes I can't claim.

    Survivors, now in different corners unknown, nurse the memories we felt then. 
    Weather now holds promises, the dank cells held none, only sweat, congealed blood.
    When you look at the moon you look into the future we did not have. 
    Let the moon illuminate your way to sun swept field, 
    a calm sea welcome you.

    Remember metal on metal before we were fully awake 
    there in the sodden keep, the thud and crunch, threnody
    of soldiers’ boots, shouts, and cries of the tortured.

    Black Marias careened with their human load. 
    We met to console each other, understanding that Russian speech 
    was our only true homeland. Dementia thrived in our suffering.

    Only the corpses smiled, frozen grins, chains finally unfastened. 
    Our proud Russia could do nothing but writhe under the jackboots.

    I am working on the annihiliation of all emotion. 
    I am weaving a dark shawl to protect our memories. 
    I remember the words you all spoke behind the bars out of desolation, 
    just as I have remembered your faces 
    and movements peculiar to each of you.

    I will remember this forever, even through new sorrows, it will be there, 
    for me to return to when I want to summon you, my dearest friends, 

    together you moan and scream through my mind.

    Erect my monument not anywhere near the sea nor in Litenyi, 
    but there in front of the steel doors where I stood for hundreds of hours
    and no one slid open the bolt. 

    Where the shrill cries of an old woman still echo through us. 
    I will welcome the ships coming up the Neva. 
    The Russian word escaped from captivity will last forever. 
    October 2016