The Blue Donkey

The Blue Donkey

Let them eat their fill of their square pears on their
triangular tables! Marc Chagall

Hey! Marc what's up with that latest blue donkey painting of

How come it's not flying? And what's that dangling between
its hind legs?

Are you testing the limits of the Parisian art intellectual

No! Sasha it's just that I never learned how to paint

Well, Marc that's pretty apparent here but it has maybe
nothing to do

with your childish drawings. You must give it proper intellectual

Kandinski did and look how far he propelled.

Da, Sasha, why don't you work out a philosophy for my art.

You're so good at cerebral bullshit!

OK, Marc. Considering the content of your many paintings I

we take the Freudian slant. You have all the virginal stuff
and flying angels

with horned beasts peering from every corner. I bet Freud
will jump

on the bandwagon.

Well, Sasha, as usual your approach is brilliant but with
that slant

you're making me a degenerate.

Niet, Marc, it's all about money. Just look at what Picasso
is getting

away with. All your art has familiar renditions. Yeah, a bit
upside down

and flying like on LSD. So, do you want to be rich and
famous or a poor

nameless wannabe?


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