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As deep as the self allows,
we have a reservoir
of knowledge
about the other,
but what lies within
remains unchartered.

In the Tango
partners embrace
each other’s fervor,
release transport
and grace into the world,
the unknown always
at the heart, opening
to full presence.

You realize it can all vanish
in a split second,
between control and loss.
The balance shifts
from your grasp
to an emptiness that makes
the richness come alive.

Foundations shift,
the center aches.
You sense you both exist
for want of the other,
fully apprehend loss,
and duende appears
as the beauty of all.

The viejo, white hair
immaculate, sits to the side,
unable to make the moves
that he graced partner
and onlookers with
in his day,
and observes spirit and anima
glide across the floor.

(Atrapadita - a tango step - The woman is a little bit trapped - in a cute way)
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