February 2018 IBPC nominations

Dear Babiluians, 

Let's begin our IBPC nomination process for February 2018. 

Please place links to the poems you are nominating in this thread. Feel free to nominate your own. We can send up to three for judging. You may nominate any poem that has ever been posted here or at the old site for work-shopping. 

Here is the IBPC web site: InterBoard Poetry Community. As I write, Michael Larrain is our esteemed judge. 

Only one poem per poet can go to IBPC in any given month from all boards. Poems that go for judging cannot have been published. 

When we know which nominated poems are eligible to go to IBPC, if more than three, we will have an open poll to decide on our entries. Generally, the last or first day of the month is as late as it should get before we put a poll up.


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    I nominate Alex' The Blue Donkey:

    by Alex 

    Let them eat their fill of their square pears on their triangular tables! Marc Chagall

    Hey! Marc what's up with that latest blue donkey painting of yours?
    How come it's not flying? And what's that dangling between its hind legs?
    Are you testing the limits of the Parisian art intellectual milieu?
    No! Sasha it's just that I never learned how to paint academically.
    Well, Marc that's pretty apparent here but it has maybe nothing to do
    with your childish drawings. You must give it proper intellectual reasons.
    Kandinski did and look how far he propelled.
    Da, Sasha, why don't you work out a philosophy for my art.
    You're so good at cerebral bullshit!
    OK, Marc. Considering the content of your many paintings I suggest
    we take the Freudian slant. You have all the virginal stuff and flying angels
    with horned beasts peering from every corner. I bet Freud will jump
    on the bandwagon.
    Well, Sasha, as usual your approach is brilliant but with that slant
    you're making me a degenerate.
    Niet, Marc, it's all about money. Just look at what Picasso is getting
    away with. All your art has familiar renditions. Yeah, a bit upside down
    and flying like on LSD. So, do you want to be rich and famous or a poor
    nameless wannabe?

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    I nominate JJ's Looking Out the Kitchen Window:

    by JJ

    The finest flakes of snow descend
    to cover late December's grime, 
    but still I miss the jenny wren
    and all the songs of summertime.

    The dizzy flurries find a place
    to drift and settle when they’re done,
    and yet I wish for just a trace
    of celandine and warming sun.

    For winter is the quiet season,
    when every living thing retires;
    there is no hum of honey bees in
    hollow trees or woodland briars.

    The holly and the sycamore
    are laden with the freshest snow,
    and even though I long for warmth
    I’m always drawn to winter’s glow.

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    I nominate Richard's Moonlight Medallion:

    by Richard

    At her feet
    fall leaves,
    like the rest of her days
    in the convent,
    lie ready
    to concede death’s

    Pine needles,
    like glass in the moonlight,
    falling in front of the screen
    in a winter’s weave,
    puncture her rhythms.
    Her life’s tedium,
    the constant standing by,
    though a dedicated wife
    of the Lord
    bears no relief. 
    She’s a sentinel over
    breathing ruins. 

    Her thoughts graze a full moon,
    linger with each meager insight;
    past visión she imagines lunar dust. 
    The pale crystal sphere
    beyond this sky,
    beyond any life
    gone before or to come,
    an insistent medallion,
    on loan,
    around infinity’s neck.

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    I nominate Don's The Siona Era:

    by Don

    I am small anyway,
    my passage never 
    leaves marks,

    cleaning up my tracks
    and keeping the
    house fit for the mistress.

    I made myself
    even smaller now.
    The mistress is
    gone and I am leaving.

    The month
    of miniature
    living passes, 
    days gigantic,

    I walk shrunken
    through her footsteps.

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    I nominate Gracy's Redemption:

    by Gracy

    A vision slapped my face
    with the force of revelation:

    I saw Nature’s keys stolen 
    from Ancient Guardians of the forests.
    Pilfered written pacts, indifferent stares
    fouled the air behind Pehuenche's backs.

    Stumbling up the southern cordillera,
    a protected area -an illusion-
    I trekked by rusty machinery.
    An international highway throttled by thickets,
    resonant undergrowth
    of mythical powers seeking redress.

    The way uphill became a path bewitched.
    “Border closed”, snapped a drunken signpost.
    Was this desolation Pehuenche heritage?

    I heard a waterfall's soothing chimes,
    a live organ, pure magic,
    musical notes dancing on flecks of spray.
    A chorus announced by kultrün,
    whose cruciform symbol began to gyrate
    before my startled eyes, “¡Pillan, pillan, 
    in your name ten times we shall triumph!”

    How could I once believe
    there were causes greater than these?
    Earth's primal beauty slashed with lances,
    bleeding wounds no god would ever heal?

    Enthralled, I stood before Nature’s altar.
    Pehuenche spirit will endure
    as surely as the Pacific
    rolls over rocks- 
    distant ocean tinted green, yellow spume-
    storm’s crest lowering 
    over vulcan shores of black sand.

    From this land of swords and stone,
    light is approaching: 
    golden redemption of Spring.

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    I nominate Jim's Snow Leopard:

    by Jim

    Cold slices with ice knives,
    sharper than your teeth.
    White incisors polished 
    on the bone of winter deer.

    As you walk in the silent 
    snow, falling flakes cry 
    as they cover the gules 
    of your new kill.

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    I nominate Kenny's Triptych:

    by Kenny

    I sure wouldn’t want to end up in a situation
    where there were a bunch of me lined up like
    cheap cigars in a case waiting to be reanimated
    each time the multiverse branches. Still I
    guess that is better than being a nut-less squirrel
    stuck on a distant branch of the tree of knowledge.

    Have you ever chased deep deep deep
    into Wikipedia? So deep that you couldn’t
    find your way back or even remember
    what started you down that rabbit hole
    or even what your name was back then.

    Gina once threaded my needle
    but I froze, afraid of breaking
    the thread. I guess that’s how it always is
    Broken threads. Wine glasses
    bobbing in a sea of ochre. 

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    Hi Rus - I'd rather go with:

    Asa Monet/Washington Women's March

    In a midnight voice, arms extended,
    she reads blues that lays the soul to dust.

    Hands reaching upwards,
    a white woman moves her fingers
    calling the sky to hold these words.

    The poet stands at the crossroads
    where her art and family meet.
    Her mother stands in the ruins
    holding a bouquet of bloody music.

    Slashing, sinewy phrases celebrate
    the first activists who fought for freedom
    with the strength that simmered
    in shotgun houses next to the picking fields.

    A freight train of rapid fire explosive words,
    intellect the weapon, now unconcealed,
    she quashes the howling and leers
    from blue-veined, tobacco-stained faces.

    Bloodroot and mimosa sway
    to the sound of her voice. 

  • Good selection, I'd say. Any three could go.


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    RUS - I don't think you want to send both of mine in - do you?  Asa Monet is ok.- Thanks - RC
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    Whichever you prefer. The reason I did not nominate Asa Monet in the first place, was because the original version was submitted one year ago.
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    Thanks, Rus.
    I've just been tweaking my poem, doing some tidying up. Also fixing the formatting.
    I posted it rather late and I don't believe it received any suggestions. I'll check now, help is always appreciated.
    Good luck to all,
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    Oh my, I've just seen the commentaries (after doing my own tweaking), I apologize for not coming here sooner.
    Rus, I've followed your suggestions, adding or substracting with some of my own ideas, so I hope it's clearer now. 
    You'd scanned it and I never realized. I do apologize.
    It's a bit shorter, as well, never a bad thing.
    Thank you all for chipping in,
    best, Gracy 
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