Book Swap for a Review

Is anyone interested in helping me out

I was promised a review by two people on my new book (the 5th) that is on Amazon currently. It is very different Rus from Luna (Rus has Luna, he was in the dedication) so be warned, but in my view, it's better. They each reneged. Don't ask, they got the books and reneged.

Cowboy Buddha did a fab job and if anyone would like to purchase, email me I can give you it and waive the shipping. If anyone is interested in getting a book out, Karen Kelsay and Blue Horse both did great jobs, but in my mind
this is the best of the 3 publishers. Jeff agrees (who runs Blue Horse)they are really cool.

So, again, if anyone would like a free copy and can promise me a review, Loch Raven has the other books reviewed and would be an easy "yes
" prolly but at the very least Amazon or Good Reads, please let me know.

I am not in here often, but Rus will verify that I vote on each month IBPC, so there is that.

I have health issues that I am dealing with and that will go on for a few months.

and thanks



  • It's not like I may be your best choice but if you think a review by me would fulfill your requirement, I'm game. Send it to me properly framed with your love... chuckling here.
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    Alex, haha you already own it (love and all) email me it before you send it to Loch Raven (they have all the others at the moment) though because I had a terrible shall we say "shock" when one of my books was damned with faint praise, and it was no favor to me.

    It resolved, and i don't expect entire praise but that one was to the tune "jealousy" and I never got over it.


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