.(a revised poem from a while back)

Kenny A. Chaffin
All Rights Reserved © 2017 Kenny A. Chaffin

The seams of the baseball #41 
found in the gutter of Mexico 
Avenue beside Utah Park 
the first day of Spring are 
stitched tightly in red darts that
hold together two figure-eight
pieces of sensitive blonde calfskin
like infinity encircling itself. 

The number is handwritten in blue ink
I think of the Nazi found hiding
in Argentina, his thin translucent
lampshades tattooed with blue numerals.
Perhaps as a reminder, a memento. 

My insides wind tightly like 
those of the baseball.

I wonder how many baseballs
can be made from one calf skin,
how many are needed each year
to replace those lost beside the road.

I worry about the calves
those poor naked calves 
alone, in the fields, 
in the cold Montana winter. 

Kenny A. Chaffin – 3/20/2017
Kenny A. Chaffin
"Strive on with Awareness" - Siddhartha Gautama


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