Making the Right Choice

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I entered the hardware store,
scanned the shelves for light bulbs,
40 watt equivalent, long life,
when this African woman, dressed
in a gold, green and red Sudanese robe,
motioned in my direction and asked,
“Which one is best?”

She held up two pails and waited,
with an expectant expression, which said,
I want you to be honest.

"That one has a wider rim
and a sturdy handle, and holds
a little more water, I think;
but the other has elegance
and style, catches the eye
with its beautiful shade of blue."

She smiled,
gave a cordial and engaging nod of the head,
strolled over to the till gently swinging
her new blue bucket.


  • Gold ,green, and red on a Sudanese woman-
    a fine picture -and of course the blue pail.
    A riot of color poetically -enjoyed.

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    This is great. Great description!

    I might leave the "blue" out of the last line and leave it ambiguous.

    Kenny A. Chaffin
    "Strive on with Awareness" - Siddhartha Gautama
  • Thanks, Jim and Kenny, for the kind words. Appreciated.

    I thought about leaving 'blue' out, Kenny, for the very reason you mention but I wasn't sure about losing the internal rhyme of new/blue or the consonance of blue/bucket bb. I'm favouring the current version at the mo', but anything could happen.

    Thanks again


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