Ball Jar Blues

Ball Jar Blues

Purple fullness on ablate green,
beach plums rolled in hand,
tasting of salt from the sea and you.

Slowly squeezed, pits slipped
from amber pulp, finger memory
of your juiciness bedded in my mind.

Elixir put to pot, cooked down
to ruby red. Finger tip taste,
dusky and sweetly acerbic.

Jelled, your essence. Tongue
memories jarred for winter.


  • The things jam making can remind us of. Highly salty indeed.

    I dare not ask if you enjoyed the taste.

    Never had or even seen a beach plum before, but they sound as if they make a good preserve.

    We used to stick to the traditional bramble/blackberry, making jams, crumbles and pies/tarts.

    Enjoyed the read



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    Thanks JJ for the read and the "question!
    Prunus maritima is beach fruit found in the NE 
    coast of the US from Maryland to Maine. Often
    hidden, gatherers protect their secret patches.
    A summer fruit with summer memories-set
    aside for less fruitful times.

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    Nice I like It!
    Kenny A. Chaffin
    "Strive on with Awareness" - Siddhartha Gautama
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