Prelude to an Unrehearsed Waltz

She assaulted my eyes with percussive light,
ratatattatting against dream window panes,
pulse set at zero, she amped it up to racing,
her sauciness teamed with shy eyelid flutter.

Her voice had the tone of midnight river-flow,
not a hallucination, a vivid portrait breathing
answers to street ruckus, hushed revelations.

There was a wispy nonchalance in her walk,
as she snuck quick looks over walls she knew
not as barriers, but vantage to a better view.

Across a Ukranian café table, we sent glances
each other’s’ way, both of us gaining insight
into that first-sight axiom’s truth in spades,
carrying the night before us into florid delights.

Desire, unbidden, entertained us with its ins,
its outs, its provocations alive, rapt in a view
of sensuousness sprung alive, alert to our
bodies’ twisting, indelicate, sensual spasms.

In an after-hours club, carousers brushed past us,
brash, blind to our active magnet-attraction. A fight
commenced, I sprang to separate them, bottles
crashing, chairs upended; hostilities ceased, she
moved from the back, and touched my arm lightly.

I asked her to dance; put off by the whip-lash
dancers, she demurred silently and bloomed
inside me with notes of her own feline dance,
unrevealed to any other witness, as I embraced
in thought her burgeoning waist, lithe as mist.

Pre-dawn at her fifth-floor walk-up, eros tossed
us back and forth next to the kitchen bathtub,
until a well-centered kiss found our lips willing.
I ushered up another request for a dance now;
her lips, still moist from mine, separated into
an unspoken sly pout, defining non-resistance,
and we moved to the center of these recollections.
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    Exhaustively long.

    It caused a premature

    cerebral ejaculation

    due to my impatience.

    I may come back

    for a drink

    at the Ukrainian Cafe

    after a circumcision

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    War and Peace is long - this is the length it's supposed to be - RC

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    From someone I've never showed any disrespect to I won't accept this trash talk

    You can take it and shove it back up your fat ass where it belongs

    I'm through with you bunch of amateurs on this site - Gracy and one or two others 

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    You're a disgusting fuck-wit - I won't be backl - RC
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