A Line Drawn in the Soup

A Line Drawn in the Soup


I'm sorry or is it excuse me

if I speak Russian with a distant

slight French accent.


The reason is my two aunties

with whom I spent a lot of time

back when I lived in Kiev


who spoke to me

only in that tongue. Well, OK,

that's also because a Napoleonic


general fell back and turned

his coat on the great Bonaparte

by marrying one of my great


grandmothers. Yet I assure you

I never thought I was a snob

until marrying my 4-generations


San Franciscan wife

who called me a French snob

whenever I'd be overly critical


of the Americans. Well, it's not

my fault if my tastes run along

the blue lines in the snow.


Not like some of our presidents

who sketch a crumbling red line

in the sand.


And yes I still like borscht

but not shchi.

That's where I draw the line.


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    I like this piece very much-the presidents S8,L1
    is too telling. The rest of this poem is borscht
    like your grandma's!

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