Mid-Year 2018 Status

Mid-Year Status!

50 – Traditional Poems (Annual Goal 200 trad+prose poems)

2 – Prose Poems (pathetic!)

4 – Microfiction (pathetic! - annual goal 20-50 micro/flash)

1 – Flash Fiction 

112 Submissions (annual goal 100 - SCORE!!)

17 Publications (poems prose poems and Microfiction)

2 new collections completed to be published early July (annual goal 2-4 new books SCORE!!) 
- The Consequences of Long-Term Furniture Ownership (traditional poems)
- Prosthetic Amalgams III (prose poems/microfiction/flashfiction)

Feeling Okay but still need to keep pushing production and submission/publication

Kenny A. Chaffin
"Strive on with Awareness" - Siddhartha Gautama


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    I read this almost as a presume instead of a resume. Thanks for exposing yourself! I'll report you to the literati committee!

    In any case I appreciate your hard work & state that those who are published most often are the ones who sweat at submissions the most. It's a pretty tedious job but the rewards are tangible. Congratulations!

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    Thanks Ruski!  
    Kenny A. Chaffin
    "Strive on with Awareness" - Siddhartha Gautama
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