The Meaning of Feeling Rich

The Meaning of Feeling Rich


It's 105 degrees Fahrenheit. It's sizzling hot outside.


Not just hot but it's climate change temperature.

It's the first day of Summer heat and I enjoy

looking at the shimmering sun reflecting off the pond

just a few steps from my veranda.


I open a can of Dieselpunk. A Pilsner mind you that sells

for $2.99 a six-pack at the 99-cents supermarket chain

It's midday. A bit hungry, I open a jar of gourmet herring

The label says , Made in Lithuania and in Russian alphabet

it spells delicacy.


I taste one piece and find not enough bite on my tongue.

I crack open a miniature bottle of Kikkoman Ponzu and pour

some over the herring. I put a small fillet on my Ritz


And you know what? It's still not enough until I squirt a

of Tapatia hot Mexican sauce and voila. We're talking now!

Perfect combination. Almost. Still not enough until I open a

of Tukas. Mmm! cracked green olives from Turkey.


I am cool in my air conditioned home and feel no pain

for the real poor. I just pretend being immensely rich.




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    If you can feel it, you can be it!


    I love this!

    Kenny A. Chaffin
    "Strive on with Awareness" - Siddhartha Gautama
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    You really made my evening and my next day! Thank youuuuu!
  • Great stuff, Alex. I enjoyed this trip into your gastronomic preferences and the jab at yourself and the proletariat in the close.

    Some of the line breaks left me wondering but I liked the poem and the delicious wry humour.



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    Thanks JJ. Of  course I'm an imitator of line breaks & saw hundreds of variation... especially among "the great". For a long time my punctuation ended on an important word or thought and at one time I was influenced by even line endings. Then I went from sentence to sentence with break lines between period punctuation. Now I go through whimsies, meaning articles, my least preferred style. And again I see some "greats" doing that & I believe that's what you picked up. So basically you say I am not great... lol
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