It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Treason

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It's beginning to look a lot like treason
Everywhere you go;
Consider the CIA views on election day;
The e-mail hacks were Russian we now know.
It's beginning to look a lot like treason;
Trump owes Russia more
Than he pays on his income tax, the robbers from Goldman Sachs 
At the White House door.

He called upon Vlad to do something quite bad
For his own political gain;
Scandals to spike for Donald and Mike 
At the expense of Clinton and Kaine;
The President and Congress waiting for a judgment day.

It's beginning to look a lot like treason
Everywhere you go;
There's a Benedict Arnold air, with G-People out to snare,
Conspirators whose motives go too low.
It's beginning to look a lot like treason;
Soon arrests will start,
And the thing that will make them sing are the deals the Feds will bring
That show Trump’s part!

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    -height: 28px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">Hi Rus,
    I had to look up Benedict Arnold in Wikipedia, not being myself a U.S.A. citizen. So it all falls
     together now with "it's beginning to look a lot like treason". 
    I like the progression of your poem, but it's so real that I find it very worrisome. All the western 
    world is worried. The effects of this unexpected result in the elections has most of S.A. troubled. 
    What deals will be respected, or will everything come crashing down? 
    We have the Amazon to save, not a small matter, indeed. 
    I could go on for ages, but will save you from my venting.
    I found this phrase attributed to Arnold, before he became a traitor: 

    "good God, are the Americans all asleep and tamely giving up their liberties, or are they all
     turned philosophers, that they don't take immediate vengeance on such miscreants?"[28]

    Though coming from a traitor, it still rings true. IMO, and not wishing to offend anybody.

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  • Clever play on the song — is it serious or simply cynical!
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    Hi Russ,

    It's serious. Trump supporters would like to believe that everything he does, like calling on Russia to hack e-mails of government officials, and calling upon people to assassinate his opponents, is bloviation. The best you we really can say is that it is buffoonery. No matter what you call it, though, calling upon a foreign government to interfere with a US election by a citizen, is high treason. Like all US citizens who are still thinking, I am very suspicious of his tax returns. Why are they still under audit. What has been found? The number of electors who want briefings on Trump's involvement with Russia's influencing our election, is up to 54 as I write.
  • LOL! Love it Rus!
    Kenny A. Chaffin
    "Strive on with Awareness" - Siddhartha Gautama
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    I'm back, Rus. Been reading your poem again and I must say I never thought it was not serious. Cynicism would hardly help the plight the USA and most of the world is in right now. It's just gotta be serious. I had a faint hope that the electors would turn the results around, but not really. It may have caused havoc in the country, already split down the middle, or sideways, or whatever. I understand even Obama could have issued some sort of decree to invalidate the elections, is that correct?
    Again, this poem is good. I want to nominate it for IBPC, but you may not wish to accept due to its highly political content. A pity.
    Peace, Gracy
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  • Rus... you don't want a Russ-ki on the bandwagon... chuckling here. Now the question with your song... Will you be in the money as trump would say? As to making a political statement I thought the USA was the father of all covert operations in the world? Haven't we been hacking the news and duly elected foreign rulers all in one swing of the sword... for a century now? lol I like very much your take on that song. You did a great job.
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    Thank you all for the wonderful, thoughtful comments. Gracy ~~ It's okay to nominate it. I've passed it around everywhere else. :)
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